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Youtube : A fighting ring, a mare on heat and two stallions fighting to the death. It's the new and popular South Korean sport of horse fighting.

On an island where horses are usually traded for meat and medicine few are sentimental about watching the proud animals fight.
Promoter Kim Byong denies the sport is cruel "Horsefighting simply brings out that basic instinct in an animal," he says.
In the midst of the cheering crowd the stallions rear and kick to win the mare.
They are awarded marks for the number of bites and kicks they land on their opponent. Weaker horses are occasionally killed.

The organisers are hoping the sport will catch on with tourists. And if the spectacle of the fighting fails to draw them there's always the celebratory horsemeat barbecue to follow.



Horse fighting stories reported in the Daily Mail.
Their first article appeared in
July 2006 in reference to China's "barbaric" horse fights.

Apparently, the Phillipines have their own horse fighting rackett going, despite it's being illegal in the country.
Last week the Daily Mail had a
new story, complete with horrifying pictures, on their horse fighting tradition.

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Horse Fighting 2

Shearing of the Beasts
Posted by Damn Amazing Pics

Held every year in the village of Sabucedo, Spain “La Rapa Das Bestas“, as the Spanish call it, is a 400-year-old festival where horses that are caught in the hills are rounded up and guided into an arena of sorts called the Corral of Sabucedo, where they are sheared and branded.

This year’s festival was held on July 5 and, as you can see, it’s very very brutal.

I am old for the preservation of old traditions and customs but I truly believe this “festival” should be banned.
I mean just look at what they are doing to the poor animals, they jump on them, grab them by whatever they can and try to immobilize them to cut their tales and tag them.

This is medieval stuff!