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Timothy Sizemore, proprietor of Campshore Campgrounds,
with one of many unwilling participants
in the "games" at
a "festival" of 15 YEARS DURATION near Rising Sun, Indiana.

Contestants vie to be the fastest to yank a snapping or soft-shelled turtle's head out of its shell without losing a finger.

In the process, they run, carrying the turtles, usually drop each one several to dozens of times, break its shell and limbs, poke its eyes, and slam it down on a tarp.

They also expose themselves to salmonella and a great variety of other waterborne bacteria which are carried naturally in the intestinal tracts of wild snapping turtles.


This just in:

Today Collette Adkins Giese, the Herptofauna lawyer for the Center for Biodiversity got a call from a DNR enforcement official who said that they've been told the event is cancelled and that they are closely monitoring the situation to ensure that it is actually cancelled.

So a victory for snappers.
And on their behalf a big thanks to all the people who created petitions, promoted them, went to the various meetings that resulted in this decision. You know who you are.
As Collette said "I was late to the game, everyone else deserves the praise.”

But as the DNR says"They are closely monitoring to ensure that it is actually canceled.”
  Which to me shows they don't trust their word as much as many of(sic) we do.
  ** So keep up with your monitoring of advertising, planned visits, whatever.

Just do it quietly.
Let's give them a chance to be true to their word.

Allen Salzberg
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